I’m going on an adventure!

Tomorrow I embark on a 100 day, 3.5 month long world tour. I’ll be visiting 11 countries, of which I’ve only been to one before. This trip was initially just going to be a Southeast Asia tour, but it kind of snowballed into what it is now. First, my sister is in Croatia this week and wanted to meet her friend in London for her spring break next week. My mom didn’t want her to be staying somewhere alone so I very generously volunteered to meet her there.

After London, because of the tour dates that were available, I ended up having a little under a month to fill before I needed to head to Thailand so I picked three countries I haven’t been to before to go see. Then, it seemed like a shame not to go to Australia and New Zealand while I’m on the other side of the world and my mom suggested that she and my sister meet me there to spend a week in Australia before a Lord of the Rings tour of New Zealand (which she has wanted to do forever). Tour timing again stranded me on the other side of the globe for two weeks so I decided to spend it in Bali with my sister, who will be done with school for the semester by then.

And suddenly I was at three months! I’m so excited about how many new places I’ll be seeing, and I’m especially happy that my family will be able to go with me for so much of it!

Here’s the game plan:

  1. England (London): March 11 – 19
  2. Ireland (Dublin): March 19 – 24
  3. Iceland (Reykjavik): March 24 – 31
  4. Spain (Barcelona and Madrid): April 1 – 18
  5. Thailand (Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Sukothai, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai): Gate1 Tour! April 18 – 30
  6. Laos (Luang Prabang): Gate1 Tour! April 30 – May 2
  7. Cambodia (Siem Reap): Gate1 Tour! May 2 – 5
  8. Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh, Ho An, Hue, Halong Bay, Hanoi): Gate1 Tour! May 5 – 15
  9. Indonesia (Bali): May 15 – 26
  10. Australia (Sydney, Cairns, Uluru): May 27 – June 5
  11. New Zealand (Auckland, Rotorua, Ohakune, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Twizel, Cromwell, Queenstown) – Lord of the Rings Tour! June 5 – 19

I’ll be with different people in different countries, will be on my own some, and will also be taking two guided tours! The first is a 27 day Gate1 Tour of Southeast Asia and the second is a two-week tour of the Lord of the Rings filming sites in New Zealand.

I’m taking only a 46L backpack and a purse. Right now everything I am going to pack is laid out on one half of our ping-pong table. Because of the variety of temperatures I’ll be in, it was very difficult to pack light. I probably overpacked but it’s so hard to tell. The coldest place I’m going is Iceland which will be around freezing and the warmest is Thailand and Indonesia, which will likely be in the 90s (fahrenheit).

Here’s my initial packing list; at the end of my trip I’ll re-evaluate it, adding anything I needed and removing anything I didn’t.

  • Clothes
    • Underclothes
      • bralettes x3
      • underwear x7
      • socks x7
    • Tops
      • shirts x4
      • tank tops x3
      • white cami
      • long sleeve shirts x3
    • Bottoms
      • capri leggings
      • shorts x2
      • elephant pants
      • fleece leggings
      • jeggings
    • Other Clothes
      • sarong
      • swimsuit
      • black sweater
      • raincoat
      • puffy coat
      • scarf
      • gloves
    • Shoes
      • gym shoes
      • flip flops
      • rainboots
  • Toiletries
    • Toiletry bag
      • deodorant
      • sunscreen stick
      • toothbrush
      • floss
      • razor
      • epilator
      • q-tips
      • brush + comb
      • ponytail holders
      • bobby pins/clips
      • jewelry
      • tweezers
      • DivaCup
      • panty liners
      • retainers
      • soap
    • 1 quart zip bag
      • shampoo
      • conditioner
      • lotion
      • face lotion
      • toothpaste
      • hand sanitizer
      • certain dri deodorant
      • bug repellent
      • coconut oil
  • Electronics
    • travel plug adapter
    • iPhone + charger
    • headphones + splitter
    • kindle + charger
    • portable phone charger
    • usb drive
    • extension cord
    • waterproof phone bag
    • selfie stick
  • Other
    • copies of papers
    • sleeping bag liner
    • water bottle
    • water bottle strap
    • towel
    • wash cloth
    • lock
    • pen + journal
    • eye mask
    • earplugs
    • umbrella
    • carabiner
    • plastic bags
    • mini backpack
    • Tide to go pen
  • Day Bag
    • Crossbody purse
      • sunglasses
      • alarm
      • mirror
      • chapstick
      • nail clippers
      • tissues
      • makeup
    • First aid pouch
      • band-aids
      • moleskin
      • after-bite
      • alcohol wipes
      • Polysporin
      • Advil
      • antihistamines
      • Dramamine
      • decongestent
      • malaria pills
      • anti-diarrhea meds
    • Money belt
      • passport + immunizations
      • drivers license
      • money/credit cards

Everything laid out and ready to be packed

And the finished product! I’m kind of amazed it all fit.


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