World Tour – Europe in Review

A little over a third of my trip (39 days) was spent in Europe. The other two will be in Asia and Australia/New Zealand so I think that after each continent it might be fun to make a separate post about each country and my thoughts on that leg of the trip. 

My time in Europe was spent in England (London), Ireland (Dublin, with day trips), Iceland (Reykjavik, with day trips), and Spain (Barcelona and Madrid, with a day trip to Avila and Segovia). 


My week with Talia in London was pretty standard as to what I expect from a European vacation. We saw a lot of the well known London sights, visited some lovely museums, and still made it to Harrods for tea and Greenwich for a day trip. The week in London was a perfect blend of relaxation and sightseeing. 

Tea at Harrods


While I did really enjoy some of the things I saw in Ireland, like St Patrick’s Cathedral, Blarney Castle, and Dublin Castle, I think it was my least favorite stop. Because Ireland was so poor for so long, most of their medieval castles are in ruins, and the culture in the cities seemed to revolve around drinking and eating burgers. The second reason is probably why many people love Ireland, but I found it too expensive and alcohol oriented. 

They did have some of the loveliest cathedrals and churches I have seen though, and I loved my day tour to Blarney Castle and the Rock of Cashel. 

The beautiful grounds at Blarney Castle

It’s a tough one, but if asked I would have to say Iceland was my favorite country of the four. Not because of the weather, no certainly not because of it’s weather, but because of the amazing things I was able to do there. I hiked on a glacier, watched the Northern Lights, and relaxed in a natural hot spring. Iceland is much more about natural beauty than any of the other countries I’ve been to in Europe and it excels at that. Just take long underwear and waterproof gloves. 

Hiking on Sólheimajökull Glacier

Of the four countries, Spain is the one I would single out as somewhere I know I will be returning to. It’s such a unique country and there’s so much to see. I also enjoyed the most beautiful weather there is while I was in Spain. Every day had blue skies and the perfect temperature. 

I had a great time seeing some amazing collections of art and visiting some masterpieces of gothic and modernista architecture. I can’t wait to come back and explore more of the cultural and historical beauty of Spain.

Casa Batlló

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